Monday, 12 September 2011

Back To School

Today was my first day of uni! Or rather, it should have been, but my university seems to have mixed things up a little, and I now start properly on the 19th. I got to meet my fellow students though, and they're all really nice and interesting people, which will obviously make going to lectures a lot more fun. One student had even moved from Japan to take the course.

Did I mention I adopted a kitten a few weeks ago? His name is Henning. He really likes the gold Michael Kors bag my mum got me to take to uni.

So that this post is more than a Gratuitous Picture Of A Cute Cat, here's some pictures of the new display in Kurt Geiger, Spinningfields, which I visited before class.

Kurt Geiger stores are always a visual feast, and this one is no exception. It looks especially cool with the new "Everything but the Dress" line; I love the colourful faux fur snoods, and also the golden bubble-wrap packages the purses come in. This display has a great presence, and serves as both a window- and in-store display. KG always manage to create impressive visual impact using shoes, which is no mean feat.

My copy of Retail Focus arrived this morning, so I'm off for a brew and to read it cover-to-cover!

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