Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Wonderful Wan and his Clothes RoadShow

Whew... finally a moment to update! This week has been super busy for me - I've had a few pieces of exciting news which I'll share with you in due course. That's been on top of my first proper week of university, with bits of homework thrown in there too. Bearing in mind I hadn't stepped into a classroom in almost seven years, let alone done any homework, it's been tough. I'm trying to keep up with it by finishing it the same evening - how long will that last, I wonder?

Anyway, I realise this was quite a few days ago now, but I need to share with you the excitement of my Sunday. I received an email early Saturday morning announcing that Gok Wan would be filming his Clothes RoadShow in the Trafford Centre, so immediately rang my mum (and woke her up, I think) inviting her over. She's a huge Gok fan, so of course she agreed.

It was ridiculously busy inside the Orient food hall. I naïvely thought we'd get one of the seats next to the catwalk, but it turns out those are just for the friends and family of the "makeover" ladies. We had a great view sat in the eating area however! The show started an hour and a half late (of course, fashion is never on time) and each catwalk show had to be filmed at least twice to get the right shots. It was really interesting to see how a "live" TV show was filmed. Gok is super professional, though he did have a giggle at one point, and the segment had to be filmed again. Whoops!

Again, unfortunately my camera is not the best at snapping dresses and fashion shows (though this is due to change soon - woohoo!) so these are my best pictures. I won't spoil it for you and tell you which outfits cost £250 and which cost £50, but let me tell you that you will be VERY surprised which was which. I was convinced I knew, especially as I was seeing them in the flesh. Turns out I was wrong!

The lovely makeover ladies.

I wish I could have gotten a good picture of this dress. It was so fluid and floaty - looked really expensive.

Make sure you watch on the 24th October to see if you can spot me and my mum (she'll be the one clapping and cheering loudly - standard). I'm really looking forward to finding out how much each outfit cost, where it was from, and how Gok customised it!

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