Thursday, 15 September 2011

In-store Harvey Nichols Event

Aaand onto the shopping event! As a poor student, Harvey Nichols is a little out of my price range, so I treated this as an opportunity to have a really good look around (and drink more champagne).

I absolutely loved their in-store displays; I thought they were fun, eye-catching, and were simply, yet attractively styled. There were two themes: American fast food - which is fitting in Manchester at the moment, as a rock-and-roll-style pop-up bowling alley opened this evening in Spinningfields - and a gentlemanly look, with suspended bowler hats and drawn-on moustaches.

My outfit for the evening: a better picture of which will be posted as soon as I find out where the Harvey Nicks pictures have been uploaded.

I knew it was time to leave (and stop drinking the free champagne) when I knocked over a load of Marc Jacobs laptop covers. Whoops! I tidied them back up again, like the good shop girl that I am. I snapped a fe pictures of the window display as I left. It's pretty excellent and will have taken some poor junior VM a long time to stack the books and glue the pencils together, but it's been up a while now, and would be nice to see something related to the in-store displays. Harvey Nichols are the only shop in Manchester who really give me a window display fix!

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