Thursday, 22 September 2011

Manchester Window Shopping

I had some spare time one evening before I met a friend for drinks, so took a little walk along King Street to snap some window display pictures.

The trend seems to be for home-style displays; mannequins chilling out on sofas and reading books. In fact, two or three House of Fraser (who turn their lighting off at night, making it impossible to shoot) windows are home displays, and Tommy Hilfiger have a huge window cling featuring the enormous Hilfiger "family" just stylishly hanging around - you know, like you and your family often do.

The Gant display is a good example of the homely-feel; simple, but well-lit and nicely styled.

The White Company have also followed the home-scene trend.

I love the window clings Boutique at Jaeger, and also their accessory display with a cute cat cut-out.

Hermes is normally one of the better displays in Manchester, but I feel this one leaves a lot to be desired. Is the merchandise on the left artfully displayed, or just dumped?!

This one's cheating a little as I took it after the Harvey Nichols show last week, but I just loved the window cling. Sadly I don't even remember which shop it was from - LK Bennett maybe?! Whoops!

What do you think of these displays? I'm a little disappointed with the city's visual merchandising at the moment. Even Zara, my greatest love, has an underwhelming display right now.

Hopefully everybody is hard at work for the big Christmas displays, and we're going to see some truly amazing windows in December!


  1. How I would give to be able to come to manchester to window shop. I will likely end up inside the store though and swiping my child's college fund away. How pathetic wouldn't you say? But, that's the disaster that comes with putting myself right smack dead in the middle of temptation.

  2. Aw thank you Cat :)

    I do find it very difficult, I just know that the shops that I look in are so ridiculously out of my price range, it's not worth bothering!


  3. lovely pics!


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