Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Launch of Karl

I am now back on my sofa in Manchester after my whirlwind trip to London; cat in lap, brew in hand. I have a couple of things to share with you from my time down south, including some bag-hugging and some squealing over shoes, but firstly I will share with you photos from the Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-porter launch.

The queue was enormous, so I decided to hang around near the front to get a better view of the proceedings (forfeiting my chance of a goodie bag, wah!).

The gang at the front of the queue had been waiting since 12:30pm, but were kept warm by the anticipation of getting a goodie bag.. and the branded Karl koffee van.

The curtains were heavily guarded by Team Karl, whose concentration on the task in hand waned only when a very important text from the Kaiser himself arrived (..probably). Some very dapper male models then took over, waiting to disclose the window shop at exactly the same time as the shops in Paris, Berlin, Sydney, and New York were revealed.

And the Karl is let out of the bag! Large, dynamic images of Arizona, Abbey, Anja, Sui He and Saskia, shot by Karl, displayed the new Karl kollection. Shoppers, clutching their iPads, filtered into the area and used the special Karl app to scan products for purchase or even to win.

Andy (who is originally from Manchester - wahey!) and Rochelle were the pair at the very front of the queue, and were pretty pleased with their goodie bags, containing a t-shirt and the leather fingerless gloves from the collection.

Now for the gratuituous eye candy! The boys from Select and Storm did an great job of generally looking excellent.

This was the only "real-life" look at the collection we had. A real shop would've been fantastic - but I expect komplete Karl-mania would have ensued.

Shop the collection at net-a-porter; my picks are the PVC-sleeve jersey logo sweater (it's too tacky to not) and the pale pink sleeveless denim biker vest.


  1. All that and you failed to check out the Moomin store?!


  2. Aaah you lucky thing, everything always happens in my home town when I'm out of the country! So wanted to go to this, looked like a fun day!

    Drea xoxo

  3. Ahh, you lucky thing, being from London. It was a happy accident I was there for this - my train ticket was booked before I got the email announcement.

    Alun, if I'd have known about the Moomin shop, I would've been there!

  4. These photos are great, it looks so fun to be there. And double awesome that they give out goodie bags :D

  5. Some very hot boy shoes Karl doppelgängers. Yum. Where a bouts in Manchester do ya live? I used to live on curry mile nr meezan super super Market. Good times. Awesome blog. X x x

  6. Thanks a lot - I'm near Castlefield! Well.. just over the river in Salford, technically. *cough*


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