Saturday, 14 January 2012

Manchester Window Shopping: January 2012

I haven't been out window-snapping in quite some months - it's too cold to wander around at night with my camera right now! - but my next degree project is a visual merchandising one, which has reignited my fire for hot window displays.

It's Slim Pickens in Manchester right now, as most stores simply have "SALE" clings emblazoned across their windows. However, there are a few seriously cool displays; Selfridges in particular. Their corridor shared with M&S shows mannequins dressed in sugary pastels with cracked masks, giving them an eerie quality. The display is to mark the opening of their new Beauty Basement, and the table installation of make-up is spot on. My only bugbears are the unsteamed blue dress and very exposed electrical socket!

Topshop's window is pretty humdrum but I do like the styling of these four mannequins.

Although Fred Perry have a tiny store just off King Street, their windows are always inventive with awesome props. Check out the gigantic party poppers and the very surprised mannequins.

Next up in the VM calendar: Valentine's Day! I'll be sure to capture Manchester's lovey-dovey displays for you.


  1. Eek the Selfridges one is terrifying! I have a mortal fear of Edward Scissorhands and the worst bit is the part with the scissors-through-hands bit. It's left me forever scarred with a fear of disembodied hands. Makes me shiver just thinking about it!


  2. The Selfridges display is a wee bit creepy but I kinda like it. I like how the masks represent how many of us hide under a mask of make-up and put a different face on before we go out into the world.

  3. Perfect analysis Lizzy! I do agree with you both that it is somewhat sinister. X


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