Sunday, 22 January 2012

College Credentials

Studying a fashion-based degree is a constant source of style inspiration. From the work and research I carry out, yes, but also from what the other students on my course are wearing. However many fashion magazines and websites I absorb, the real muses are those that dress with panache on a day-to-day basis.

Model behaviour here from Rudy, who is wearing a vintage fur, pale denim, and printed aztec leggings with low-top Converse, which is a micro-trend in our campus.

Paris looks super-sweet in a Topshop puffball skirt, but prevents toothache with the addition of heeled Dr Martens and a leather bomber.

Gabriella mixes her leopard prints with leggings and Converse, grounding the look with a simple, yet effective top half.


  1. I like Rudy's leggings, I've been tempted to buy a similar pair from Republic.

    Rubi x

  2. I agree, I get so much more inspiration from what 'real people' wear than I do flicking through the magazines. That's why I read so many personal style blogs.


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