Saturday, 16 June 2012



Walking home from work on Thursday I accidentally tripped and fell into Harvey Nichols, so seeing as I was there anyway I thought it only polite to check out the sale since I managed to contain myself so well on launch day.

Rails of We Are Handsome swimwear, a huge DKNY section, and a huge rail of clearly very old sale at absolute bargain prices made practising self-restraint extremely difficult. The sale in-store was far superior to the online offering and of course it's much more difficult to say no when you have a physical piece in your hands. I found myself picking up and putting down a Wildfox bikini top numerous times (y'know.. that one); eventually it remained on the rail, but had it been the pink version there would have been big trouble.

I couldn't resist checking out a box full of shiny sale jewellery, and it was in this box that I found my new obsession. The perfect balance of tough and elegant, this BCBG Max Azria ring hasn't left my hand since I bought it at the bargain price of £19. I can't find it online - like much of what I saw in-store - so it's really worth going into your local Harvey Nicks, especially if you're looking for an investment piece at an excellent price.

An online order may have (read: definitely has) been placed, so watch out for some bargain Wildfox pieces featured on the blog very soon..


  1. Oh I do love falling in to Harvey Nics! Gorgeous ring x

  2. SHUT UP, SHUT UP. I'm destitute. I must resist!!
    Gorgeous ring though, epic bargain!
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  3. oh myyy it is so pretty! x

  4. wow that ring is so perfect! you got it in the sale for £19?! ah thats so good. also i love your watch and mismatch bracelets.x

  5. Ooh what a great little find!

    Isn't it funny what happens when we fall into shops during sale season? ;)

    Becky | x


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