Tuesday, 26 June 2012



I am so excited to show off my first piece of Wildfox! I can't explain why I am suddenly so obsessed with the brand - unless it's airborne and I caught it from meeting the Style Rawr - but I have not felt this way about a clothing company since I was thirteen and demanded everything I owned was Nike. Nike Air Max Triax, Nike trackies (yeah I wore trackies), and this enormous Nike coat that I insisted on having despite JJB only stocking a size much too large for me. What a brat I was.

Anyway, I digress. I'm totally obsessed. Everyone and their dog has blogged about the brand, I realise, and I'm still trying to pinpoint exactly what makes Wildfox so special - maybe it's the dreamy lookbooks featuring models we all want to be, or their positive web presence that is just so right for now. We're all craving a little escapism, especially in these frugal times, and Wildfox provides just that.

Admittedly their price point is not ideal for a frugal purse, however much I love it, but dig through the many sales on right now and you'll find some bargains. This vest was from Harvey Nichols and is now sold out online, but is also available through Alexandalexa.com for £39. ASOS went into sale yesterday too, with lots of Wildfox at reduced prices.

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I'm wearing:
H&M kimono
Oasis pleather jeans
Love Label boots
Tunisian market bag
Vintage (mum's) necklace

What do you think of Wildfox? Are they just overpriced t-shirts, or are you taken in by their ethos?


  1. Spinningfields love the place and i love your kimono:)
    i hope i can still find it in the shop

    1. ahh sadly my mum got it for me at Christmas, but they do have another lovely kimono in right now!

  2. cuteee i love the kimono and how you styled it!!

  3. I have never heard of them before but I will be sure to check it out! I really love that black shirt! It's sad when pretty shops aren't too frugal but usually the more expensive an item is, the longer it will last in our wardrobes so at the end of the day...those items are so worth the investment!

    Gemma x


  4. Totally agree with you, I love Wildfox, but almost never buy it unless it's on sale! I just can't bring myself to spend so much on a tee, especially as I have a habit of destroying them! Love the way you've styled it with the kimono here!

  5. I must live under a rock or something if everyone is blogging about Wildfox as I've never heard of it. I have followed the link you have kindly shared and look at your fabulous pictures and I conclude... I like. I will be keep my eyes open from now on, who knows what else I might miss!

  6. Oh hellloooooo purty Wildfox girl! Gorgeous Sarah, and good luck living the rest of your life because now you'll be hooked! ;)

    J x

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  8. There was a big wild fox billboard right near my house for a few months and it would make me wonder about the brand every time I drove past. Thanks for informing me. I had no idea they sold super soft t-shirts but I do like their photos. Your new t-shirt is cute on you too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
    The style confessions

  9. Gorgeous top! Love the whole outfit!


  10. Great outfit, i am in love with your blog and sense of style! Its all so amazing!


  11. you look like Erin O Connor!


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