Friday, 24 August 2012



After three weeks of living here I feel that my new flat is now in a state where I can show it off. We've had a couple of issues - like, who leaves towels and a broken microwave behind? - and despite some parts not being finished (ahem, the kitchen) we are pretty much there. Although these pictures are not quite Coveteur-ed, the flat is at its very tidiest; I can assure you, you wouldn't want to see it in its messy state!
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I'm so happy to finally have a dressing room-cum-office space. Ask Chris and he'll say it's the guest bedroom, but we have guests over maybe once a month and I get dressed every day (sometimes twice, or more) so to me it's a no-brainer.

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During those dark, dark weeks without the internet we had to find something to occupy ourselves, so one evening a duvet set got the tie dye treatment. The rest of the soft furnishings are quivering with nerves as we speak. I know not to blame late-night cheese for trippy dreams from now on..

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The main thing that drew us to this flat was the amount of light. There's a huge window in the living area and the daylight fills the entire room - coming from a flat where you have to put the kitchen light on in the day, it's a real novelty. Chris has claimed the chair, but I love sitting on the couch in the morning with coffee and granola.

What do you think? I'm still looking for some extra bits - a window box for herbs, sari offcuts for curtain trim, a big wooden Buddha, and a huge print of George Harrison circa Hari Krishna - so if you have any decorating ideas or secret interiors boutiques I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Aww I love your flat, it's so cute and quirky. Those red wedges I spy are amaze too!

    Nice work with the tie-dye! Xx

  2. Very cute! Love your blog! Just started following yours have a look at mine if you'd like to follow each other
    <3 xxx

  3. you've got lots of clothes, could you please give me some of them?! ;) no, but I love your hat collection :)

  4. your place loooks soooo stylish ! love it !

  5. I love the decor and quirkiness of it! Your blog is the definition of perfection- I'm so glad I stumbled upon it xxx

  6. The decor is so fashionable! I love how you styled everything.


  7. ahh I love how you've organised everything! given me some ideas for my new room :) x

  8. Aww the flat is looking lovely! I have a dressing room (aka "spare room") too haha

  9. gorge flat! you have an enviable shoe collection too!
    spotted the little hello kitty- i think if you were born between 86-91 and are a girl then you're pretty much obliged to have some hello kitty memorabilia!


  10. The new place is looking great. I love how you've decorated it, especially how you've displayed your jewellery.

  11. Oh your flat looks like heaven! Sitting here dead jealous because you have your own swanky Manchester flat and thinking how cool and quirky it all is. Love your shoe and clothes collection. And I envy how neat your workspace is. Mine is an absolute pit. Do really like the way you have decorated it though. More patchwork and antique furniture!

    Gemma x


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