Thursday, 16 August 2012


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You guys, there is some kind of witchcraft going on here. That, or Agyness Deyn is a mindreader. There is no other explanation for this Aggy x Dr Martens being so close to my current aesthetic, other than maybe - just maybe - we grew up in the same era and are both pining for a time of watching My So-Called Life on a tiny yellow TV, discovering Nirvana just four years too late, and getting your first pair of (hand-me-down, forest green) Docs.

There's really something in this twenty years 'til a decade's cool again theory, huh?

Daisy prints, checked flannel, and lambswool knitwear work together in the clothing collection, with each piece designed to be layered with another or worn alone. The standout pieces are - naturally - the shoes. Laying somewhere in between the back pages of Kerrang! and the Victorian period, the double height soles and triple buckles are just right for stomping around Manchester's rainy streets and sticky clubs, with burgundy velvet adding a touch of luxury.

I checked out the Aggy preview with Manchester's hardest working fashionettes, Sara and Jordan, who simply had to try on the reversible daisy bomber and Crombie coat respectively. Kate couldn't hold back, and bought a pair of black velvet creepers. Everyone at the preview was rocking their Dr Martens - it'd be rude not to, right?

With prices ranging from £30-275, this is definitely one for the birthday bunny to consider, but don't dilly-dally - the collection is strictly limited edition - and you're safe in the knowledge your footwear will last pretty much forever. #Firstandforever.

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  1. Great photographs of the collection!
    I just want it all. haha


  2. Wow such a great event !!! i don't own Dr martens but hopefully will soon

  3. Is that Alice Dellal in the vid? I've watched it a few times and undercut is just not giving us any face! Answers on a postcard.
    The Dr Martens event looks amazing, very jel. Tragically my paltry interns wage will not stretch to a new pair of docs. You could send me your Yellow ones out of kindness, thank you.
    Do let me know if you'll be in LDN for Fashion week- it's quite soon isn't it!



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