Thursday, 2 August 2012



How do you feel about having your teeth digitally imaged? I'm filled with equal parts dread - I'm quite happy remaining ignorant about how my teeth really look - and excitement: the technology at the new Smile Stylist at Manchester's House of Fraser means you really can achieve a great grin using computer aided smile design.

HoF's infamous superstylist Matthew excitedly showed me around the brand new space - the practice was finished on Wednesday a whole fifteen minutes before the star-studded opening bash began - and despite there being a whole load of amazing technology in the suite we mainly focused on the aesthetics (well, we are fashion people after all): the bubble piece of art on the wall is actually the air conditioning unit, and somebody clearly pre-empted the Olympic cauldron with the waiting room's wall adornment!

I chatted to practice manager Rachel (whose Prada-esque shoes, below, were actually from Next. Colour me surprised) and relayed my teething problems. I'm lucky enough to have neatly shaped gnashers - the practice uses Invisalign to invisibly straighten teeth - but they have never been white, and as that is not their natural colour I assumed whitening wouldn't work. Turns out my fears were unfounded, as Rachel tells me Zoom! whitens teeth by several shades in an hour, and Enlighten whitens by up to sixteen shades.

I have a consultation booked for next week (eek) so expect to see my sparkling grin splashed all over this blog very soon indeed.

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  1. This has to be the weirdest blog post ever ha ha! It would be interesting to see though, I always like seeing x-rays oddly enough.

    1. lolz. It's right next to my work so I've been fascinated for ages! It's a shame about patient confidentiality, I'd like to see everyone's teeth after their appointment.


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