Monday, 27 August 2012


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Left arm: Ibiza market, gifts from mum, H! by Henry Holland watch & Dixi ring
Right arm: ChloBo peace bracelet, vintage bangle, gifts from mum, Ibiza market, Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet, Forever 21 spiked, Oasis cats' eye ring & BCBG Max Azria knuckleduster

Day in, day out, you'll usually find the same jangle adorning my arms: the Kenneth Jay Lane enamel bracelet Chris got for my first birthday we were together, a hand-me-down silver bangle I have no recollection of acquiring, and some rather faded and frayed threads from Ibiza. Recently however I've had some very kind donations, namely from my mum and ChloBo, which warrant an update on my wrist situation. It's less of an arm party, more of a hangout.

I fear (for my bank account) that this Ice Pop bracelet may be the first of my ChloBo stack. I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe last week and hearing the story of the brand (pack in the 9 to 5, go for two week Bali holiday, come back months later with a head full of inspiration and the drive to start a jewellery business) which many of us can but dream of. Next I've got my eye on something from the Dreamlands collection - with each piece handmade in Chloe's Chester studio all I am basically doing is pumping money back onto the British economy. It's an utterly selfless act.

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PS. Not at all jewellery related but Henning had been on an extended holiday at my parents' due to us moving flat, and finally he is HOME! So happy to see his little teddy bear face again.



  1. I love my chlobo bracelet. May have to have a purchase when loan comes through. Make use of my £20 off £50 birthday voucher :)

    Your cat is adorable too! Xx

  2. I love all these bracelets!
    Really nice pieces xx

  3. I LOVE your arm candy! People wear very creative things on their wrists, and I love looking and reading about favourite arm candy! I especially adore your Forever 21 spiked bracelet, places like Asos are selling that bracelet for sky high prices, but I'm glad Forever 21 agents charging much for their jewellery. A good place I like to be jewellery is EBay, you can often strike lucky and get things at knockdown prices! I'm sorry for rambling on and on in this comment haha, I feel like I've lost the point somewhere! I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I am very much in awe of both your eloquent writing and overall self, brimming with talent! I am most definitely a new follower of your blog, I can't wait to read your future posts! X


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