Saturday, 29 September 2012



The big guns of fashion (that's your Chanels, Diors, and the like) may show at Paris Fashion Week, but there is one trĂ©s Parisienne designer who has proved time and time again to exercise greater influence than those veritable fashion dinosaurs, on everyone's wardrobe, from the off-duty model to the on-duty mum. Isabel Marant - creator of the wedge sneaker, purveyor of the colourful loose knit, and catalyst for the explosion of the baseball jacket - showed today in Paris, and you better start studying this collection hard - fast - if you want to hit the ground running for spring/summer '13. The formula is the same - one part bohemian to two parts cowgirl, with a whole load of nonchalance - it's just the lustworthy pieces are new and fresh in a way that only Marant can manage.

On my list? It's got to be Aymeline's short sleeved embellished jacket and Kati's cut-out playsuit. Inevitable sell-outs, this will of course forever be only a wish-list..

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  1. Ah I can tell I'm going to be dreaming of those Marant white patterned trousers! And her jackets for always.
    Never mind, does us good to dream I'm sure- even if only for inspiration on charity shoppping trips!

  2. oh!!! love it!



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