Sunday, 2 September 2012


I'm wearing:
H&M jumper
Forever 21 skirt
Office shoes
Urban Outfitters necklace
H&M shoulder bag
Various bracelets & rings

You know, before I started reading fashion blogs there is no way I would have worn silver, let alone mixed it with other metals. I was a gold lady through and through, opting for luxurious-looking jewellery, ensuring all my hardware matched up. Now, from absorbing streetstyle blogs and outfit posts, I realise mixing metals is practised by the most chic of fashionistas and adds an edge to the plainest of outfits.

Today was spent in top-to-toe silver: first up welcoming Chris's parents with a brew on their first visit to our new flat, then knocking around Castlefield with the man himself, going to the Artisan Market (to buy a wooden Buddha windchime - I'm obsessed) and for a few drinks in the area's beer gardens. The ideal way to see out the last rays of summer.

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These shoes + this graffiti in Castlefield = a reminder to be happy.


  1. Adore your skirt. And jumpers and maxis- yay for autumn clothing! Sounds like a lovely day, I used to enjoy nipping to that artisan market. waaaah I miss manchester!

  2. wow absolutely amazing post!!! love your outfit

  3. I love your outfit, especially that skirt!

  4. Gorgeous outfit! So cool and simple :) x

  5. I miss you.
    and Chris, a little bit.
    Love Caroline x

  6. Ahhh Sarah this outfit is da bomb. You always have amazing clothes. Love this jumper and I need this Forever 21 skirt in my life. Literally in tie dye hair. And I agree with the silver thing! I was always a loyal gold follower but lately I've been wearing A LOT of silver. It's my inner silver grunge girl creeping up on me again...

    Gemma x

  7. Skirt is seriously great! and I want all the accessories...!
    Love your post as usual keep it up :)

  8. you done the hobo grunge chic look oh so well.

    p.s. yes metal mixing is the way forward.

    J x

  9. That graffiti is the best, nice to see a bit of positivity.


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