Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Cameras are a-charging, photo-worthy outfits are being a-styled, and PRs throughout London are being a-mithered by bloggers desperate for front row show seats. Yes, it's nearly the most wonderful, magical time of year again - London Fashion Week. Things have been a little quiet around here due to LFW prep being fitted around a fairly hectic work schedule. I (hope I) am now ready as I am hopping on a South-bound train straight after work on Thursday.

Last season I remember thinking I was wearing the most fantastic outfits and I was sure that Tommy Ton would be chasing me around Somerset House begging for my photo. Not so. When you arrive you realise your Topshop X Charity Shop collaboration can't hold a candle to the Mary Katrantzou-clad, Nicholas Kirkwood-shod, PS1-toting fashion elite, and a street style blogger is more likely to shove you off your four-inchers to get a blurry snap of Poppy Delevingne than take your photo.

This time, I'm a little more enlightened. I've packed outfits I feel good in and that fit my style (rather than attempting to nod to so many trends I end up looking like Churchill the dog), leaving me free to observe the circus that is Fashion Week. I've also resolved to chill out a little and enjoy the whole experience more; I'm six months older and wiser than last season and the thrill of pretending to be a whirlwind fashion journalist, live-blogging to nobody in particular no longer appeals.

Behold, a sneak peek of my to-pack pile. Two pairs of Docs, leather dungarees, a pink mohair and a new vintage leopard and paisley (yes, BOTH) jumpsuit. It's going to be one comfy Fashion Week.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Oh, no no no no no.


  1. Amazing! I'm so excited!! I'm going for comfy and chic :o) ... if that can possibly go together! xx

  2. Ah so good! I bet you carry off jumpsuits SO well. Damn my stumpy legs xxx
    (P.S. mithering? I love you)

  3. great pics !!!

    come take a look to my blog ^^


  4. I am still yet to get a pass from LFW. My hypothetical and non existent pass as I am possibly a reject. WAHHHH. But you go girl and show em all a good time. Can't wait to see your outfits. I spy tartan and sexy DM boots. So excited for you. Good luck getting into all the shows too!

    Gemma x


  5. Looks like fun! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  6. ahhh so wish I was going to LFW!! the first pair of boots are hottt xx

  7. Gosh, it all looks fantastic! This year is my first at LFW, I can't wait! I know precisely what you mean, with so many other dedicated fashionistas around, it's always best to dress for you rather than to keep up with trends. Excellent photographs.



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