Thursday, 2 February 2012

Topshop Oxford Circus, Jan 2012

Look what I managed to get for you! I got right through the store before a security guard approached me and asked if I was from head office. Puzzled, I of course said no, but was then asked to put my camera away. Whoops! Can't really get away with it when you have a whopping DSLR.

Anyway, enjoy these pictures of the Topshop Oxford Circus interior. I really think the Topshop team outdo themselves each season.. the styling, props, and windows are absolutely awesome.

(You can find cracking pictures of the window display at Boy Meets Fashion)

Please give me a job in the VM team one day, Uncle Phil!


  1. Are you amember of the Green dynasty. How flipping amaze are those ostrich things. I must have one.
    My boyf is DJing in Manc on friday I think, I'm down in manchester quite often anyway... much better than Leeds for the shopping.
    We should have a blogger meet :)


  2. Hahah, naaa! Although my boyfriend's surname is Green, so maybe.

    Awesome, where is he DJing? There has been a Manchester bloggers' meet, and there should be another one soon. I'll keep you posted!

  3. Wow! And the Topshop store in Madrid is ridiculously tiny (and the prices are ridiculously expensive compared to those in the UK). I'm so jealous...

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady

  4. Fab images! I love window displays & VM. Topshop always do such a good job! It looks so colourful, can't wait for Spring now!
    Rebecca x

  5. Now this is truly a fun display.

  6. Aw, Sara, you changed your blog! That's why it's not showing up on my Google Reader. I will re-follow!

    Glad you all like the displays as much as I did.



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