Sunday, 27 January 2013



This weekend was the first in ages I'd had off work, so I was looking forward to a messy Friday in Mancri-la-la's pubs, followed by a nice lie-in on Saturday morning.

Of course, life never runs to plan. My first mistake on Friday was to have a delicious lunch of mushroom soup at home. I washed the can, put that in the recycling, threw the lid in the bin. The second mistake was doing a Big Tidy of the flat. I had a lot of rubbish, and couldn't be bothered to empty the bin. I pushed it down to fit in more crap, and felt a sharp feeling on my finger.

It took me moment to figure out I'd managed to slice my finger with the lid of the mushroom soup can. I'm a First Aider, so I knew to apply some pressure. After 15 minutes and no sign of the bleeding stopping, I put a pressure bandage on. An hour later, I took the bandage off.. to find it still bleeding. Great. Off to Trafford General I go. Two hours later, I was home, with a glued up finger and instructions to not use it strenuously and to keep it dry for three days.

You'd be surprised how hard life is without the use of your index finger on your dominant hand. So far I've had difficulty washing my face, applying foundation, and drawing on my eyebrows. One could argue these are unnecessary, vain activities, but remember this is my weekend off work and I haven't had to tackle anything more necessary to my existence on the shop floor as of yet.

All that is now visible of what was quite a dramatic occurrence (to me) is a pathetic waterproof plaster. 

What an idiot.

I still treated myself to a Saturday lie-in, mind you, followed by a lovely cuppa at Manchester Coffee Co with a very lovely friend.

I'm wearing:
H&M coat
Topshop skirt
Forever 21 bag

Penguins on Hulme Hall Rd, Manchester

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  1. For some reason I assumed it was Chris who'd suffered the ridiculous injury (even though he was tweeting the whole experience). That just seemed right. Oh well, I hope you're fully recovered and ready for WORK!

  2. these pictures are so cute! the penguins are adorable<3

  3. Oh no! Hate hurting fingers, you feel like such a numpty trying to do anything after! Least you looked good going to la hopital, and kitty cat cuddles + lie ins cure all, I've heard.

  4. I feel your pain of having a hand with an injury!!! Although my porridge burn was on my left hand so not as bad but washing my face/dishes/bathing was pretty impossible for about 2 weeks!!!

  5. I loveeeee your outfit and those penguins are the cutest haha xx

  6. That's a shame about your weekend not going to plan! I hate it when that happens.
    Love the outfit you're wearing and the photos are awesome. Hope your finger is better!
    Daniella x

  7. seriously want and need those boots!

  8. OMgosh, you look adorable with those buns! Loving that H&M coat too. I hope your finger makes a full recovery! Put a Hello Kitty plaster on it, I'm sure it'll heal faster.


  9. Those shoes are so cool!


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