Wednesday, 30 January 2013



Shopping online nowadays is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack: type in "women's clothes" on Google and there are "about 160,000,000 results".. add in the rest that aren't indexed for whatever reason, plus eBay and other auction sites, you've got a whole load of hay to dig through.

I'm guilty of using the same three or so websites to shop, and when I do I immediately click through to the "brands" page to look at all of my favourites, to sort the wheat from the chaff if you like. When Avenue 32 got in touch to ask me to compile a wishlist, I was initially a little panicked when their Designers A-Z contained only a handful of brands I'd even heard of. I didn't know where to start.

I took the plunge and clicked one.. and man, did I ever strike lucky. Tim Ryan's fringed knitwear is like Stevie Nicks on acid which I can definitely see both on a certain crazy-chic Italian magazine editor and bloggers like Helena, Jen and Sheree. Next up was Wunderkind. Although I was aware of this guy I wouldn't have been able to pick any of his pieces out of a line-up, now I'm obsessed with his use of colour and texture  to create an off-beat, transcendent collection.

Topped off with Prism sunglasses I think I've nailed the perfect LFW look, with some new favourite brands.. all by clicking a chance.

Watch me go, Anna Dello Russo..!


I've never published a sponsored post before but I felt this one fit my blog perfectly. The words, opinions, and dreadful Photoshopping are all my own.


  1. you look like you should be on the catwalk..what great picks

    p.s I'm giving away a Henry Holland dress on my blog if you're interested

  2. Those are some great picks! I especially love the hat and your cool photoshopped outfit ;)

  3. thanks for the mention beaut, I actually REALLY NEED this jacket soooo bad! I've seen his designs before and been trying to find a more affordable version ever since <3 xxx

  4. Nice!!!

    I don't shop online too often, only when needed. It's funny because I'm ALWAYS online but I choose to do my shopping offline!

    Have fun =)

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