Monday, 28 January 2013



 this grungy little shop in Affleck's Arcade. Beginning life as a vintage store, the Thrifty ladies now stock handmade tie-dye tees (AND SOCKS..!), velvet circle skirts and holographic crop tops. I also  the ladies that run the shop too, you can check out Lucie's blog here; a healthy dose of white hair, Evil Twin and Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes are totally on point for the Thriftette brand.

On a busy Saturday Chris and I popped in to pick up a Yin Yang tee and play a game of Mario Kart on the Ettes' Nintendo 64. I was Princess Peach, he was Yoshi. He won, this time at least. We'll be back in soon for a rematch.. and also to pick up a special request of men's tie dye socks!

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  1. Holographic crop tops? *swooooooooooon* this shop looks so good, love that they have a Nintendo 64! I love the hat on you too xxx

  2. woooow, your style is fantastic!!!! lovely your coat!! :)

  3. wow! I need to find this store! I love how you styled the tee x

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  5. Oh wow, this place looks too cool for school. Where are your trousers from!? Loving the fit homes. Well jealous of Lucie's hair!

    The Style Rawr!

  6. This shop looks awesome, how has it escaped my notice?? Cannot wait to see the tie dye socks!

    Love Tweet xx

  7. I love those shops which not only sell cool clothes, but have a nice layout, aesthetic, interior design, etc.
    Mario Kart is the besssst. Those good old N64 days! I always played Yoshi too. It's so funny getting used to modern graphics then going back to games like Ocarina of Time and the original Super Smash Bros and realising how far graphics have come.
    Drop by!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  8. LOVE THRIFTETTE. I want everything from their new collection! You picked a good one. Ying yangs 4evz. Jealous you met Lucie too! I went in before Christmas but they weren't there :( need another trip to Manc soon, and YAY to finally meeting you on Sunday! xx

  9. so cool!

  10. Those tees are amazing!!!



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