Wednesday, 16 January 2013



We may have only just passed the mid-point of Joyless January but I am already sure of my aesthetic for summer (a pastel rainbow with holographic highlights) and I'm busy daydreaming of a chilled-out holiday in warmer climes, sipping a cocktail, wearing a swimsuit made out of carpet.

Hold up a moment. A swimsuit made out of carpet?! You'll be thinking you've made some strange fashion choices Dotty, but this one takes the biscuit.. but no, bear with me! I've found a swimwear brand that ticks all the right boxes for summer - Auria boasts a dreamy colour palette and imaginative prints; plus is ethically produced using recycled polyamide, from stuff like discarded fishing nets, and indeed carpet.

I find the collection so pleasing to look at, and the shapes are perfect too: fed up of ruffles to amend and cut-outs to enhance, I'm craving simple one-piece suits, like you wore to do your 100m badge in school lessons. This will be designer Diana Auria's first collection and is a collaboration with illustrator Margot Bowman (you may remember the latter's work with the Topshop blog and the Town Hall Hotel) and I will be keeping a close eye on the website, waiting for the collection to drop.

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  1. these pictures look fun =) I love these prints

  2. Carpet, whaaaat!? I do love bright swimwear, I want to be on holiday right now!

    The Style Rawr!

  3. I looove this lookbook and errrrmm that massive gummie bear lolli pop . . . amazing! Want it!!

    Rianna xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. What a cool brand! The lookbook is amazing too, I soo want that last swimsuit I love how unique the shape is xxx

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